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Soooo… what are the choices and where to look for sports volunteering opportunities? 

  • Go Overseas lists numerous organizations that are working to use sport in a range of ways: you can learn about conflict resolution and how sport can be used as a tool in societies coping with or healing from conflict; how sport can be used to foster gender equity and many more.

  • At GoAbroad you can find sports volunteering opportunities which include coaching underprivileged children, at risk youth, young and advanced athletes, helping schools with sports education, as well as promotion, marketing and logistical support of (large) sporting events. 

  • World Endeavors is another platform where you can find sports coaching projects to volunteer at. They claim that such volunteering provides invaluable opportunities for young people to participate in sports and acquire the numerous benefits associated with playing them.  

  • International Volunteer HQ offers sports volunteer opportunities abroad to support physical education, or sports development within schools or after-school programs. 

  • According to Sports Volunteering Abroad the programs that you can find on their website are a chance to combine your love for sport with that for traveling the world. Whether you prefer football, basketball, rugby or surfing, volunteering is the perfect way to teach kids your favorite sports and share your passion with them.

Well, all these platforms offer a huge variety of sports volunteering opportunities abroad: from very close to really exotic countries. Just dig in and find yours!

Don’t feel like going someplace far from home? 

There’s no problem! Sports organizations, non-governmental organizations, schools, youth centers, and other facilities around you have many things to offer to you. For example, you can even take part in such projects as “Sport Without Boundaries” - non-governmental organizations as Active Youth (Lithuania), Strategic Partnership Institute (Poland), European Integration Group (Turkey), Czech Youth Association (Czech Republic) and High on Life! (Italy) invite (young) people to join them as volunteers in some sports projects or - for a more long-term activity - as interns, working on management and implementation of one or several sports projects. 

Such internships allow you to learn more about the issues which these projects try to solve (social exclusion, gender inequality, physical inactiveness of society…), to contribute to the solutions, to work closely with target groups (youth at risk, disadvantaged/marginalized people, migrants, people with disabilities…), and also gain skills in project management and implementation. 

We hope that if you weren’t interested in sports volunteerism before… you are now! 

Explore your possibilities, practice sports and learn!

Are you a sport volunteer and want to share your story?

It is not a secret that work is not the only place where you can gain valuable experience which will help you later in your life and career. The fact is, there are loads of opportunities that a (young) person can take to learn, improve and acquire contacts or even friendships.

What are those? 

Many of you already know - it’s doing various training, internships, taking part in youth exchanges and volunteering. Nowadays, there are a lot of options available in these fields. 

Why are they so good, cool and valuable?

Well, all of them allow you to encounter various situations where you either apply your existing skills or learn new ones. Both these options create a possibility for you to grow and, usually, broaden your network and horizons. 

In this blog post, let’s talk more about one of the aforementioned opportunities: volunteerism.

People claim that they volunteer because it brings them a possibility to help others, make a difference, meet new people, connect with the community, explore new areas of interest,  contribute to a cause that they care about, and, finally, use their skills in a productive way, as well as develop new ones.

It also increases socializing and social inclusion (including of disadvantaged people), improves self-esteem, provides better job prospects and it is even proven by some research that people who volunteer may be at lower risk of dementia and heart disease.

Moreover, volunteering helps you stay healthy: regardless of what kind of volunteering you do, you become more active: either mentally or physically. But hey, there are also volunteering opportunities which ensure both of these activenesses.

Let us present to you sports volunteering!

The number of organizations operating in the area of sports for growth has grown significantly over the last decade. Various (from big to tiny) non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working to teach life skills to youth or disadvantaged communities through sport, larger organizations such as Grass Roots Soccer, which uses football to teach youth about HIV and prevention steps, and major development agencies such as the United Nations are among these actors.

And yes, sports volunteerism also gives you an opportunity to either help your local community or travel abroad and help people there. Even if you are not confident enough in the language that is spoken by kids in the country where you want to volunteer, remember… sport is a universal language!

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