We believe that the project which we have implemented, the SPORT WITHOUT BOUNDARIES project, is an amazing way to reach results that are needed so much for our societies. It can help us increase physical activity of people, along with promoting social inclusion of disadvantaged groups of society. Thus, we want such projects to be implemented as widely as possible! This is why we share with you the methodology of our project - do dive in it and go make this world a better place!

Statistics and articles about health and sport in the European Union

The partnership of the SPORT WITHOUT BOUNDARIES project has collected a list of exciting readings about sports, physical activity and its positive influence to people’s physical and mental health, social inclusion and healthy habits. The topics of these readings are truly various, so make sure to check each of them to really broaden your knowledge!





Promoting health-enhancing physical activity in Europe: Current state of surveillance, policy development and implementation

Write your text here...João Breda, Jelena Jakovljevic, Giulia Rathmes, Romeu Mendes, Olivier Fontaine, Susanne Hollmann, Alfred Rütten, Peter Gelius, Sonja Kahlmeier, and Gauden Galeaa

This study aims to present information on the surveillance, policy developments, and implementation of physical activity policies in the 28 European Union (EU) countries.

Adapting Public Spaces to the Wellness Needs of the Local Community

Biruta Švagždienė, Vilius Vaseris

The aim of the research was to assess the circumstances of adapting public spaces to the wellness needs of the local community on the case of Kaunas.

Impact of Physical Exercise on Depression and Anxiety Symptoms, Quality of Life and Muscle Strength in the Elderly

Vaida Meidutė; Vida Janina Česnaitienė

The aim is to determine the impact of physical exercise on depression and anxiety symptoms, quality of life and muscle strength in the elderly.

Lithuania. Physical Activity Factsheet

World Health Organization

Facts and statistics about physical activity in Lithuania

Special Eurobarometer. Sport and physical activity in Lithuania

European Commission

Statistics of physical activity in Lithuania

Special Eurobarometer. Sport and physical activity in Poland

European Commission

Statistics of physical activity in Poland

Physicalactivity Factsheetsfor The 28 European Union Member States Of The Who European Region

World Health Organization

Facts and statistics about physical activity in EU Member States

The analysis on sport attitudes of students at high school education in Turkey

School of Physical Education and Sports, Ardahan University, Ardahan, Turkey

The research objective is to determine different variables on sport attitudes of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade high school students throughout Turkey.

The Online Journal of Recreation and Sport

Prof. Dr. Erdal ZORBA

Decisive definition of sport for all missing, therefore this articles focus to make clear definition on it.

Sports for All and It's Contribution to Olympic Movement. Sports for All in Turkey

Yesim Albayrak

Focusing on the concept of Sport for All, and giving examples about its application in Turkey.

Sports as a Social Policy Tool in Turkey

Burcu Yerlikaya, Aslan Tolga Öcal

Determining the sport meaning in the social policy field and touch to the differences about handling style of sport during the historical process of Turkey

How many hours a week do you exercise/participating in sport activities?

Statista Research Department

Participation in sport activities stats.

Sports in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic

Joanna Blackwell, Paddy Dolan, Josef Fahlén, Remco Hoekman, Verena Lenneis, Gareth McNarry, Maureen Smith & Laura Wilcock

Role of sports now and in the future, the effects of pandemic (inequality, access, etc.), how will the marginalized groups will be affected

Changes in sedentary bahaviour in European Union adults between 2002 and 2017

A. López-Valenciano, X. Mayo, G. Liguori, R. J. Copeland, M. Lamb & A. Jimenez

Statistics on sedentary behaviour changes in EU

The epidemiology of muscle-strengthening exercise in Europe: A 28-country comparison including 280,605 adults

Jason A. Bennie, Katrien De Cocker, Jordan J. Smith, Glen H. Wiesner

Article describes the prevalence and correlates of muscle-strengthening exercise across multiple European countries. Notices that low participation in muscle-strengthening exercise is widespread across Europe, and warrants public health attention.

Statista Research Department

Forecast: sports facility operation revenue Czechia 2008-2018

This statistic shows the revenue of sports facility operation in Czechia from 2008 to 2012, with a projection until 2018. In 2010, revenues of sports facility operation in Czechia amounted to approximately 205 million U.S. dollars.

Total number of registered ice hockey players in the Czech Republic from 2010/11 to 2018/19

David Lange

The statistics depicts the number of registered ice hockey players in the Czech Republic from 2010/11 to 2018/19. In the 2018/19 season, there were a total of 121,613 registered ice hockey players in the Czech Republic according to the International Ice Hockey Federation.

Total number of registered ice hockey players by country 2020


The statistics provides us information about number of registered ice hockey players in each country.

Sports in Italy - Statistics and Facts

David Lange

The article talks about statistic in Italy regarding sports

Sport and Snacks: Children’s Habits in Italy

BVA Doxa

Habit of Italian children regarding sport and healthy food

The Most Popular Sports In Europe

Ryan Parker

List and description of the most pouplar sports among europeans

Inclusion and integration through sports in Italy


The role of sport in inclusion and integration of youth in Italy

New Eurobarometer on sport and physical activity

European Commission

The report shows that levels of participation have not changed substantially since the previous Eurobarometer survey in 2014. In fact, the proportion of those who say they never exercise or play sport has slightly increased from 42% to 46% Europe-wide, and this is a continuation of a gradual trend since 2009.

EU sports policy information

The partnership of the SPORT WITHOUT BOUNDARIES project has collected a list of useful information about the European Union Sports policy and its understanding. Dive into all of the information here:


About The EU Sports Policy

Various information about the EU Sports Policy by EURACTIV

Legal information about the EU Sports Policy by the European Olympic Commitees


The Communication on Developing the European Dimension in Sport

The European Union and Sport, rescuing the nation-state?

Advancing our understanding of the EU sports policy: the socio-cultural model of sports regulation and players’ agents

Council conclusions of 18 November 2010 on the role of sport as a source of and a driver for active social inclusion

About the EU Sports Policy and Directorate General for Youth, Sport, Education and Culture (DG EAC), the branch of the European Commission charged with the development and implementation of European policy in the field of sport.

Sport for all: a bridge to equality, integration and social inclusion

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