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Team sports include any sport where individuals are organized into different teams, where the players generally interact directly and simultaneously between them. Team members act together, make decisions, communicate, manage conflict, and solve problems in a supportive and friendly way. Wherever you look in the world, one common thread connecting us all together is sports, individual or team. This does not mean everyone is interested in the same sports. Everyone has their own favorites because of the wide-ranging variety of sports all over the world. So, what is your favorite sport? Football, basketball or volleyball? These are the most common answers. Although most people tend to be interested in these mainstream sports for different reasons such as their practicality, cultural factors, or effects of sports media and marketing, there are undoubtedly more sports worth trying, modified rules and new sports being developed every day. Here is the list of some of them for the people willing to try and go beyond the ordinary!

1. Muggle Quidditch

This one may motivate Harry Potter fans to do sports! Muggle Quidditch, based on a fictional game of the same name invented by author J. K. Rowling, which is featured in the Harry Potter series, first made its appearance in Vermont in the US in 2005, and there are now 30 teams in the UK. It is called as muggle quidditch to distinguish it from the fictional one, because a "muggle" is a person without the power to use magic in the Harry Potter universe. 

A team consists of minimum seven (maximum 21) players, of which six are always on the pitch, those being the three chasers, one keeper, and two beaters. The requirement is to carry a broomsitck –unfortunately not flying- between their legs all the time.

3. Sepak Takraw

This sport called ‘’kick volleyball’’ was originated from Southeast Asia, and has been played since at least the 15th century. Sepak takraw differs from the similar sport of footvolley with the use of a rattan ball. The other difference is that players use only their feet, knees, chest or head to get the ball over the net. So, it may be a good alternative for football or volleyball lovers. The game is played by two teams called ‘’regu’’, and each of them has three players or it may sometimes be played by just two players or four players in a team. It is a very effective exercise to improve coordination and reaction time. Everyone of different ages can play!

2. Hurling/Camogie

It is called the ‘’fastest game on grass’’, so it provides a good muscular workout. Originating in Ireland 3,000 years ago, this sport is called hurling when played by men and camogie when played by women. Hurling lasts 70 minutes while Camogie lasts 60 minutes, and both of them are performed in professional competitions and tournaments. For playing the game, a wooden stick called hurley and a small, hard ball called sliotar are needed. Teams include 13 or 15 players. You can be a goalkeeper, one of the three fullbacks, three halfbacks, two midfielders, three half forwards or three full forwards. Choose your position!

5. Korfball

Korfball is a ball sport with similarities to netball and basketball. The sport was originated in Netherlands, and is well-known in Belgium and Taiwan specifically. It consists of two mixed-gender teams of 8 players with 4 female and 4 male players in each team. It is played inside in winter and outdoors in spring and autumn. The main objective is to throw the ball into the netless basket. You have to be able to attack and defend in a tactical way, also need the ability of speed and physical endurance that is easy to develop with a lot of trainings within the time!

4. Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate, also and originally known as ultimate Frisbee, is a low-contact team sport played with a flying disc, frisbee. It is different than spinning a disc in the general direction of a friend or your dog in the park, and take this game more seriously! It is played by mostly two mixed-gender teams of 3-4 players on grass, 2-3 players at the beach and indoor places. All you should do during the game is try to get the frisbee into the end zones of a field. You also should be careful about not running with the frisbee. The most distinct feature of this game which is called as ‘’spirit of the game’’ is that there is no referee, even in the professional area.

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