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Changing team, is it last second shot?

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Today I had the pleasure to interview one of the local basketball players, who used to play the top league until a knee injury ended his career. Enjoy.

1.How did you start with basketball?

I remember I was about 8-9 years old, I was sitting at home and randomly watched nba game on the tv and decided that is the sport I really want to do.

2. Is the sport popular in your family?

Yes, it’s a funny question, because my father was also a basketball player, but he didn’t want me to push into this sport and gave me an opportunity to choose what I really want. The rest of the family have also a sports background.

3. I know you played in more than one club, could you tell me why you chose for a change?

I started with basketball in my home town Prerov, after few years of playing I’ve got the offers from teams playing at the higher level, so it was a signal for me, to change the destination and to start taking it more seriously.

4. How would you describe conditions for basketball players in the Czech Republic?

I think it really depends on the club where you play, in Czech you can find clubs on the high level such as Nymburk, where are nice conditions, players have pretty good salaries and also youth program is connected with the school and young players have the best conditions what they can imagine. But then you’ll find smaller clubs, for example here in Prerov where I started to play and you see that coaches are doing it just for their own joy, They aren’t paid and parents of the kids has to support the club and pay all expenses.

5. Basketball is not the number 1 sport in the Czech Republic, could you compare our level to any other European country?

I wish it could be the number 1 sport here, but in the Czech Republic is a really strong history of ice hockey and football and people are still crazy into it. I think the situation in other European countries is very similar, maybe the Balkan countries and Lithuania are a little bit different and basketball there have really strong and old roots.

6. Could you compare our level to any other European country?

I think the popularity and level of basketball here is getting a little bit better after 6th place in the last FIBA World cup. I think we still can’t compare to basketball European best teams like France, Spain or Serbia but I think we are definitely in the European top 10, at least for now.

7. What did you learn during your career?

I think it learned me the whole development of today‘s me, it gave me discipline, many friendships, love to the sport, respect, leadership, and others.

8. An injury stopped your promising career, which was terrible news, do you now see any benefit of it?

Definitely, a few years ago I was really sad and I was always thinking where I could be now and about where I could play, etc. But it is what it is and that injury opened my eyes, I realized it doesn’t end of the world, that I have time for much more important things like education, or friends.

9. Thinking of basketball, most people imagine NBA, but you can play the game even outside without any special equipment. Is streetball popular in the Czech Republic? and why?

I think every guy like me who played basketball, remember his childhood and playing the ball in the streets during the summer and compete who is the best. Yeah, like you said streetball is becoming popular. I think the question of why is it so popular is really simple. You need just a ball and a couple of friends and find the basket which is in every single city.

10. It's some time since you stopped your top-level career. Are you still practicing and playing sometimes?

Yeah, I’m playing now for Zlin in the second highest league in the Czech Republic, here I’m switching myself between A and B teams. Unfortunately coronavirus pandemic ended our season for both teams.

11. Name three things which sport gave you, and you value them the most.

Friendship, Loyalty, Discipline

Thank you for the interview :)

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